An early morning engagement session in Rome - S. Andrea in Flumine - destination wedding photographer Rome
Wedding at S. Andrea in Flumine
20 Dicembre 2019 - Engagement photographer Rome
Engagement session in Rome at Monti
20 Dicembre 2019 - Engagement photographer Rome - Engagement photographer Rome


"She would visit Michigan from Toronto often I was friends w her cousins. One night they were all out and I approached her and asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said “yes” (I had a bad boy reputation) I called a lier and stayed persistent, I told her she’s stuck w me... I convinced her n her friends/cousins to go eat with me and my friends. Since that night We were stuck to each other even living in different countries. Her family has relatives in Denmark, they were going for wedding. She mentioned Rome as a small trip while in Europe. I couldn’t visit Denmark but I knew I wanted to experience Rome with my “wife” (future wife). I made it a point to make the trip even tho times are never perfect, I contacted you, we ended up experiencing some of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced, history, food, architecture, the pope speaking at the Vatican w the most beautiful person in my world.”
Kelsey B. - A new friend of mine.
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