Wedding at Castel Gandolfo and Casale Campo Vecchio

Rocca Calascio in a pic by Fabio Schiazza
Engagement at Rocca Calascio
28 Gennaio 2020
a beautiful bride with her white dress at sunset and a view of roman rooftops
Wedding at SS. Cuore di Maria al Foro Traiano and Casina di Macchia Madama
22 Aprile 2020
Albano Lake in a pic by Fabio Schiazza - Destination wedding photographer Rome


Fabiola and Silvio love the boho chic style, They wanted an elegant country venue and they choose Casale Campo Vecchio, that in my honest opinion is really really amazing: the view, the style, all the details and, last but not least, the Catering by Magnolia Eventi. The rite vas celebrated into the San Giovanni Battista Church in Ciampino, then we decided to go together to Castel Gandolfo for some pics. Castel Gandolfo is known above all for the presence of the popes' summer residence, to which many other summer residences, villas and small villas built starting from the 17th century are crowned. Its territory includes almost the entire coastal arc of Lake Albano with a view of the volcanic cone of Monte Cavo, which also houses the Olympic rowing stadium. The lovely tiny roads of the borgo, the stunning view from the terrace and the little wood pier was our set, and then also at Casale Campo Vecchio we took other emotional pics also thanks to the beauty of the location.
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