Engagement at Rocca Calascio

www.fabioschiazza.com - Engagement photographer Rome
Engagement at Colosseum and Campidoglio
28 Gennaio 2020
Albano Lake in a pic by Fabio Schiazza
Wedding at Castel Gandolfo and Casale Campo Vecchio
2 Aprile 2020
Rocca Calascio in a pic by Fabio Schiazza

Rocca Calascio in a pic by Fabio Schiazza www.fabioschiazza.com - Engagement photographer Rome


In my job I have seen a lot of engagement, a lot of rings, and everytime It is an emotion that I can live with these guys, everytime they share with me too their shivers. This time we were in Abruzzo, at Rocca Calascio, an ancient castle on the top of an hill with an amazing view all over the valleys around. Dhe day was very cold and it was sunset... no words can describe what an image can tell. I love my job, I am a lucky man.
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