Wedding at S. Andrea in Flumine - Engagement photographer Rome
An early morning engagement session in Rome
20 Dicembre 2019 - S. Andrea in Flumine - destination wedding photographer Rome - S. Andrea in Flumine - destination wedding photographer Rome


Chiara and Gabriele live in Rome, they decided to celebrate their wedding a bit far from the caos of the city, they love coutry chic style. The venue was full of history and charm: Abbey of St. Andrew in Flumine. The Abbey website tells: “Visit the Abbey of St. Andrew in Flumine is like taking a trip back in time: along its corridors and its rooms, you will find yourself immersed in an ancient atmosphere, charming, some ‘mysterious. Looking around it is not difficult to imagine the Benedictine Monks who came to this territory in the VIII century, intent on carrying out their daily activities of prayer and work. Inside the Abbey, the splendid church founded in the VI century by Galla, daughter of Symmachus (the nobleman killed by order of Theodoric of which he was counselor), welcomes the visitor with a solemnity, offering his view of the precious frescoes, granite columns and half columns with Ionic and Corinthian capitals and the floor cosmatesque.”
To have the rite, the couple-shooting and the party in the same place, without transfers, is always a great opportunity to live intensely the day. Chiara and Gabriele wanted a wedding reportage with some portraits and landscapes. To get married in Italy is lovely, to get married in Rome is unforgettable!
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