Destination Wedding Napoli at Maschio Angioino and Vecchio Pozzo - Cappuccini Frascati - Destination wedding photographer Rome
Wedding in Frascati and Villa Pocci
20 Dicembre 2019 - Campidoglio - Destination wedding photographer Rome
Destination wedding Rome at Valdesian Church and Villa Blumenstihl
20 Dicembre 2019 - Maschio Angioino - Destination wedding photographer Rome - Maschio Angioino - Destination wedding photographer Rome


Mario left Italy years ago to go to Paris, there he lives with Rachel, they have a daughter and a son and last year they decided to get merried in Italy, in Neaples. I met Rachel in the hotel where she was getting ready with her bidesmaids. In the rooms there were amazing vibes, an amazing show for a wedding photographer! The civil rite was celebrated into “Castel Nuovo”, also called Maschio Angioino, an historic medieval and Renaissance castle, as well as one of the symbols of the city of Naples. The castle dominates the spectacular Piazza Municipio and is home to the Neapolitan Society of Homeland History and the Naples Committee of the Institute for the History of the Italian Risorgimento, housed in the premises of the SNSP. To get married in Italy is lovely, to get married in Napoli is... like tells the song: Napoli that's Amore!
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